What Now that Bitcoin has Exploded?

I wanted to talk a little bit about the Bitcoin stuff and specifically the USI-TECH opportunity — I’ve been in this for a few months now and I can see what’s happening with it and I’m more pleased than ever about being involved. I think if you know me by now, I wouldn’t push it if I thought it was something bad or could get you in trouble.

Blockchain Certification

All of this speculation stuff is just about getting monetary value into your account in Bitcoin and USI-TECH is a really great way to do it.

Some people have asked me if it makes sense to jump in with Bitcoin being at such a high price now – let me give you my take on that.

I did a bunch of forex trading so I’ve had quite a few years to cogitate on how finances work. The thing is, once you get your dollars switched into some Bitcoin or once you have Bitcoin then it really doesn’t matter what the value of Bitcoin is because everyone else that has Bitcoin is going up and down at the same value. So if everything is transacted in Bitcoin the price fluctuations aren’t going to hurt you. And of course if it goes higher, it’s really good.

Where you might get in trouble is if you pour a whole bunch of dollars into Bitcoin now and then Bitcoin crashes. I’m not going to speculate on whether or not that will happen – there’s more than enough information on the internet to help you decide about that.

I happened to buy my USI-TECH packages when Bitcoin was around $4,000. Because of the way USI-TECH works, I now have three times as many packages as I started with, and this is without putting any more dollars into it at all and also I haven’t gotten too many commissions from my downline.

And – my increase in packages has absolutely NOTHING to do with Bitcoin price going higher – it’s just because of the guaranteed 140% return. The higher price is just a fringe benefit of actually owning Bitcoin.

So basically I’m just rolling my package income over into new packages without having to pony up any more cash in dollars. That is the beauty of a guaranteed 140% return that you can count on having more and more Bitcoin without putting any more dollars in.

So if you were to jump in now, you will pay more dollars for Bitcoin when you initially convert some dollars over. But you still have the same excellent opportunity to buy USI packages at the same price and then just roll them over again and again into new Bitcoin.

I will tell you I am so happy that I actually jumped in. I thought Bitcoin at 4k was a really high price when I got in, it kind of hurt me to do that — but I’m so glad I did now. And not just because Bitcoin’s higher now – but because I have a way to create real Bitcoin practically out of thin air just by rolling my USI-TECH packages over. And I never have to stress out about the price of Bitcoin like I would be if I were trading myself.

If you haven’t jumped in yet I definitely recommend that you at least get a little iron in the fire. Here’s my post about how to get started.

You don’t have to use Coinbase if you already have another way to get your Bitcoins but if you do sign up to Coinbase through my link you’ll get a free ten dollar Bitcoin bonus in your account. It’s all on the link above.

Happy Bitcoin-ing, and talk soon,

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