It’s been a wild ride for Bitcoin over the past few years.

The cryptocurrency shot up in value in 2017, only to crash back down again in 2018.

Since then, it has slowly but steadily climbed back up, and as of September 2022, it is once again worth over $10,000 per coin.

What’s driving Bitcoin’s price increases?


One factor is increasing institutional investment. More and more large organizations are buying Bitcoin, either directly or through investment products like futures contracts.

This institutional demand is helping to drive up the price, as there is now more demand for Bitcoin than there is available supply.

Another factor is increasing mainstream adoption. Bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted as a form of payment, both online and offline.

As more businesses start to accept Bitcoin, more people are exposed to it and become interested in investing.

With both institutional and mainstream demand increasing, it’s no wonder that the price of Bitcoin is on the rise once again.

Who knows where it will go next?